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Welcome to the Make a Difference in March Campaign page where we are hosting all the relevant assets to help you get started in sharing Norwex with your family and friends.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone accross the water to create many ripples.

– Mother Teresa

Upload your Results

You have an opportunity to contribute and share your videos and testimonies as well as before and after results of skin care feedback or household cleaning outcomes.

Hot Tips 

What you can win

Tip #1 – Mindset and Goals

Tip #2 – 5×5 Challenge

Success is not just about reaching the destination; it’s about the journey and the connections made along the way. Each outreach, each interaction, is an opportunity to create value and build relationships that can lead to mutual growth and fulfillment.

Use this special formula for success: INTRO – WIIFM – CLOSE. In your INTRO, state clearly why you are reaching out to connect.

Next, make sure you let them know WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), and then CLOSE with a great open ended question. Here is a sample script:

INTRO: Hi ___, this is ____ with Norwex. I’m checking in to see if you have any questions about the products you ordered.

WIIFM: I thought of you because we have recently launched brand NEW products.

CLOSE: How would you like me to do a quick demo for you and your friends? This could be a way for you to get some of the new goodies, and as a Host, maybe even get them for free?


Tip #3 – Mystery Tip


Testimony from Elizabeth Camping
A message from Paula
Tip #2 – Count on yourself! Senior Executive Sales Leader, Belinda Simôn 


Referral Link Verbiage

Do you have someone who is hesitant to ‘host an event? Why not invite them to share a referral link with their friends and family. They can still earn all of the free Host Rewards without holding a physical event. Referral links can be sent via email, text, etc and you can use the wording below.

Hi…. I hope you and your family have had a great start to 2024. I am reaching out to you, because I know how passionate you are about reducing chemicals in your home…

In March, Norwex are on a mission to ‘Make a Difference’ to one home at a time to live cleaner, safer, better.

I can create a personal referral link for you to share with anyone you know, by email, social media or even text!

Sounds easy, right?!”

You will be rewarded with our fabulous Host Rewards and also go into the draw to win the Essentials Skin Care Set valued at over $190.

Please let me know if you would like to participate in this collective movement of making a difference and helping others and I will send you a referral link and Norwex Catalogue.

Are you wondering how you can use this link to make a bigger impact by sharing the Norwex Products?

Well then, the referral link is a fabulous tool to share with your family and friends.


Here’s a link to the hosting training on the Training Hub for a full training walk through.