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This month we get to know Sandy Bill. Enjoy reading this exposé and learn and grow together.

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Finally,” I thought, “someone with some common sense!”

Sandy, tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Sandy. I live in Townsville, QLD. Married to my childhood sweetheart & love of my life Jeremy, with 3 adult boys – 2 are married. I have 2 amazing daughter-in-laws, 3 grandchildren (2, 5, 7) and 4 fur grand-doggys. I love pilates, the WNBL Fire team, travelling with my hubby, watching movies (sci-fi) and recently rediscovered crocheting. I am a teacher but have not taught since covid. I have dabbled in tutoring and am enjoying helping kids who need it & making a difference.

When and why did you decide to join Norwex? 

I went to a party in August 2018 with the lovely Katrina Cataldo. I was actually quite rude to her as I was super sceptical to what she was telling us about what this cloth with JUST water could do. I started to realise that this product was different to a similar brand I had tried in the past and actually worked! I was impressed with the fact that Norwex have safe products to help us clean with and her admitting that there ARE times that you need more than just a cloth & water. “Finally,” I thought, “someone with some common sense!”

It was the Optic Scarf and an oven cleaning demo that won me over in the end. There was a ‘Join For Free’ happening, so I signed up on the spot with the intention of using the discount to get all I wanted for a cheaper price. I had NO intention of selling it or doing parties.

What was your reason for sharing the business opportunity with others? 

Katrina came to run my launch party… however I started telling everyone what I loved about Norwex and I think she saw my potential. She gently encouraged me and taught me so much. I began by just selling to my mum, sister & friends. I gave way too many discounts to everyone in the early days – so as a word of caution, don’t do it. They are now your customers!!!

Besides the obvious – Norwex is a great product that works and really sells itself – it was the generosity of Norwex that ultimately convinced me to share with more and more people. In January 2019, I asked 2 of my friends to host a Norwex party, they agreed, and my business grew from there.

When did you promote to Team Coordinator and what do you like about being a TC? 

I think I promoted to TC late in 2019. I had a lot of ladies join over the years, but I was never confident in offering the opportunity & only ever used the JFF. Most of them let their accounts close, so it was a bit of a hit & miss with maintaining my TC status. I like having a team and wanted to be more successful but had really no idea how or where to start.

Why did you decide to join the Emerging Leaders Program in the last quarter of 2023?

I joined the Emerging Leaders Program because I wanted to better understand how to grow my Norwex biz. I really had no idea how to get others to join my team without the JFF… I needed to learn so I could go to the next step and maintain my TC status.

What was your experience with the Emerging Leaders Program?

I learned so much during the program. What I enjoyed the most was that it was not just a theory lesson but was practical and hands on. We were given the tools (ideas & wording) to try things through the week, then report back on our success & failure. We had a checklist to try and achieve each week and a coaching call to keep us accountable. None of it was ‘hard’, but often moved me from my comfort zone into an area I had been too afraid to venture to previously with my business. Plus, I was not alone. It was great to cheer on the others also participating in the program as they cheered me on.

Did it improve your business?

Absolutely! I conquered my fear of coming across ‘pushy’ and realised I don’t have to change my personality to grow my Norwex business. That probably sounds weird… but I really thought I would have to become someone different to succeed. I can still be me! I learnt that I just offer the opportunity – whether it’s for a sale, booking or to open their own account… it’s all the same. If you don’t ask the question, the answer is already NO!

Anyhow… I had 2 people join my team in the one week, and another just recently. I’ve had more party bookings than I had previously so my sales have increased also. My confidence has soared!

Did it make a difference to how you go about your business now?

Absolutely! I feel so much more confident in sharing Norwex now. It helped change the language I now use when sharing the Norwex Opportunity and my attitude toward my own abilities. I was always confident in the Norwex products, but now I am confident in my own abilities to grow my business to what I want it to be.

What would you recommend to other Consultants if they enquired about the Emerging Leaders Program?

Do IT!!! And commit to it! Fill in the worksheet, answer all the questions, attend all the workshops, push yourself out of that comfort zone and discover what you are capable of!

What are you most looking forward to with your Norwex Business in 2024?

Continuing to grow in confidence while connecting with people around me. Sharing with others how they too can live cleaner, safer, better. Growing my business and having a lot of fun with fellow Norwex Consultants along the way.

Earning rewards and incentives along the way is nice too. I’m really working hard to earn the Emerging Leaders Summit trip in April…. I know I can do it!!