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As we sprint to the finish line of December, Robyn Skilton, Sales Leader, shares her top tips to finish the year strong and kickstart your business in January.

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So, my top tips to help you have a successful January are:

  1. Host coach – Send your Host the event link so they can send to anyone unable to make the event, for them to order.  And send them the digital catalogue as well so they can share this.
  2. Put it on Facebook – as an event if this works for you. Include the event link for ordering as well as the digital catalogue. 
  3. What is your host working for as a host reward? Take the time to find out your Host’s “why”.  I always ask my Hosts what products they would love to add to their collection and it’s usually the higher priced items.  Perhaps the Mop System, perhaps the towels, perhaps the skincare.  Make sure they understand how our Host program works and that not only will they receive a percentage of sales, but they also receive a booking reward as well as unlocking our very generous star 3 rewards.
  4. Coach your host – on how to overcome objections.  Remind them that they won’t always get all their friends together at the same time and that is ok.  Encourage them to collect orders from those people unable to attend the event or even better, book their own event. If you see an order come through online, send your Host an excited message letting them know. If your Host has an outside booking, ring the future Host now and book their event in.  Often, they will have a different circle of friends, so their booking could be the week following your original Host.
  5. Ring your host – 3 or 4 days before their event so you can re-motivate them. Don’t forget, they have had a Christmas break too.  Ask them to send reminder messages to their friends in the leadup to their event. 
  6. Make sure you are prepared – not only with your kit but also with your party packs, catalogues, gifts etc.  If you finish the year organised you too will be able to relax and celebrate the holidays with your friends and family.

Events in December

Once the cut-off for guaranteed Christmas delivery has ended, you can switch from quick Christmas themed parties, to a standard party, either cleaning or pamper.  What a great time to do a personal care party.  Everyone can get together and catch up before Christmas with a glass of bubbly and a pamper. Think about the people who find it hard to find time through the year e.g. teachers – this will be the perfect opportunity for them to host.  Anyone who works full time; you will find their office closes usually until early January.

Offer to everyone

Don’t decide for someone if they should or shouldn’t host an event.  One thing I have learned over the years is to try and not judge people.  Don’t make the decision for someone that they can’t host an event at this time of year or in January.   Remember that not everyone goes away on holidays over December and January.

How much?

Think about how much extra money you want to earn for your household over the holiday period.  Do you have a personal goal for December and January?  Would having a bit of extra money in your pocket enable you to have an extra day off work with your children or do something special with your family that perhaps you couldn’t normally afford to do?  Or is there something you are wanting to save towards for next year, perhaps a family holiday.  Getting started early will certainly help with that too.

Reach out

Do a consumables product search in the NCO so your Customers can order and start the year with the products they need.  You could even create your own Christmas bundle of UPP, Odour Eliminator, UltraZyme and Bathroom Cleaner as a special package just for the new year. And don’t forget to shop at your own shop – a shop where you are guaranteed a 32% discount! And give the gift of Norwex to your friends and family.

Add a Voucher

With any orders you have through December perhaps add a voucher offering a percentage off.  I would make this redeemable through all of January.  You could have these available as a percentage off or a bonus gift with purchase or you could also have one available for people to purchase as a gift.

January Events

If you have no bookings in your diary or you would like to add more, self-host in the leadup to Christmas.  You could hold a Customer Appreciation event of your own which also means you reap the Host Rewards, or you could draw them off amongst all who book or order. If you self-host, always use the Host Rewards you receive to help grow your business.  If you have partied before in January, check the NCO for your Hosts from January and reach out to them again as it’s obviously a time that works for them.

Extra Events

In December and January, you may find you have a higher rate of movements so book in more events for insurance purposes.  If they do postpone, book in a new date straight away.

Booked in your diary

Make sure your events are booked in your diary.    You could use word choices such as ‘let’s just pencil in a date and if it doesn’t work, we can always change it’.  For those who have confirmed that they would like to host in January, contact them NOW and pencil in a date.  We need to plan now for a successful month and if you don’t book those workshops or events in January, you won’t get started until March.

Open for Business

When do you want to resume your business after Christmas? 

January Hosts

Send a Christmas cardsaying, “I’m looking forward to catching up in the New Year”.  After Christmas send another card confirming their event.  Reach out by phone to your Host in the New Year and offer an extra gift to any of their friends who attend on the day.  I have found the little sample bottles of Bathroom Cleaner are perfect for this.