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New Year. New You.

As the holiday break is approaching, we are releasing January incentives early to get you prepared for the new year. ✨

The New Year is upon us, and it’s time to embrace the new you! Find out how you can start the new year as the best version of yourself, embracing a cleaner, greener, and safer life with Norwex. We are here to set you up for the year before work starts and the kids go back to school. 

Get organised for 2024, build habits that you can sustain, and learn life hacks to simplify your routine. This month, discover effective ways to actively engage your kids in the cleanup after meal and lunchbox prepping. Explore tips for maintaining cleaner eating habits, creative lunchbox ideas, and adopting overall healthier options for you and your family.

Please note: December Incentives are still running and January Incentives will start from midday the 1st January 2024 AEST.  Access the Connection Call recording below


This year we are stepping up to the plate to really bring you everything you need to lead your business with confidence. Here are some key reasons for Leaders to attend:

  • A Leadership Conference first – Be the first to see, touch, and play with our NEW PRODUCT RELEASES!
  • Everyone attending will receive a brand-new product!! (yes, that’s worth two exclamations marks!!)
  • Release of new promotions and initiatives to support you in driving your business to greater heights in 2024.
  • Business development and leadership insights.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Plus, let’s not forget, the fun things to do! 
  • And this is just a glimpse.

Experience the excitement of seeing new products, learning from others, and being inspired to take your business to the next level.  An event not to be missed!

We are so excited to have you all back together again, and we can’t wait to share with you the possibilities for 2024PS – Don’t forget to earn your Cash for Conference!

An Engaging Offer

Have a look at our Engaging Offer so you don’t miss out on this deal! When you submit $250 Subtotal A sales, this Mug-nificent Hippo Mug could be yours.

Download Flyer

It’s never been easier to join

A dream Joining Offer for your Consultants!   

When your New Consultants join with either the Ultimate or Easy Start Kits they will receive a FREE set of Pillowcases, cloud.   

If you…sign up a New Consultant in January with the Ultimate Start or Easy Start Kits and when they submit $500 Subtotal A sales in their first 20 days you will receive an additional $50 Shopping Spree!  

Download Flyer

“Silky” doesn’t mean “silk.” Our vegan Pillowcases have no animal-derived materials. BacLock* solely protects the cloth from odour. Our fantastic two-year Norwex Microfibre warranty covers any problem outside of normal wear and tear.  Remember we also have our first Norwex Collectable out now which will greatly support this month’s Joining Offer.

Norwex Collectables

Kick off your new year with new cleaner and greener habits. In the month of January 2024, when you submit Subtotal A sales of the following amounts you will earn:

$1000 – Kitchen Compost Bin

  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
  • Compact for your benchtop but large enough to hold a couple of days of waste.

$2,500 –Söka Tub Laundry Tub

  • Soak items separately in different laundry solutions
  • Save water and use less detergent
  • Ergonomically designed to easily recycle waste water.

$5,000 –an Air Protect Pro

  • Give your family the gift of clean air.
  • Filters 99.7% of particles
  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Eliminates pollution
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Totally Silent
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Amazing Bonus Buy!

The best buy is a Bonus Buy!

Spend $100 and purchase a Bathroom Scrub Mitt, graphite for $5

VALUED AT:  AU $27.00 | NZ $30.50

AU Flyer NZ Flyer

New Year Customer Special bundles!

Time to get excited! Shop our Customer Specials at 25% off! The perfect time to shop some sustainable healthier options for yourself in the New Year. Get your combined flyers here👇

Australia Customer Specials

New Zealand Customer Specials

Hair Wrap, stone and Lysere Conditioner & Mask at 25% off

SALE PRICE: AU $48.50 SAVE: $16.50

BioZyme, lavender and Kitchen Cloth, charcoal at 30% off

SALE PRICE: AU $40.50 SAVE: $17.50

AU Flyer AU Combined Flyer

Hair Wrap, stone and Lysere Conditioner & Mask at 25% off

SALE PRICE: NZ $55.00 SAVE: $18.50

BioZyme, lavender and Kitchen Cloth, charcoal at 30% off

SALE PRICE: NZ $44.00 SAVE: $19.00

NZ Flyer NZ Combined Flyer

Be rewarded with Norwex products for bookings and party sales when you host a Norwex event! 

There are three ways to earn FREE products:

Sales Rewards, Booking Rewards and Party Sales Rewards.

PLUS – Free shipping for Host order with 5+ Customer Orders

AU Flyer NZ Flyer

Host Bonus

Host a party with $600 sales and 1 booking to receive a FREE:

EnviroWand Set, teal

VALUED AT: RRP AU $35.00 | NZ $40.00

Who doesn’t love a good Shopping Spree!

Earn yourself a Shopping Spree just by submitting sales during the month. This is a great opportunity to earn some free products and boost your business.

PLUS – Earn Shopping Sprees when your Personal New Consultants achieve Step 1 of the Pathway to More Program.

👀 PS – Have a look at your new look Shopping Spree Flyer!

Download Flyer

🍃(Almost) Welcome back to the New Year! 

As we embrace a fresh start for 2024, let your renewal inspire your journey. New year = promise of exciting beginnings!  Wishing you a wonderful year filled with green initiatives and a refreshed perspective.

We leave you with our growth word for 2024: Possibilities

Your Norwex Family 🌿