Welcome Consultants

Welcome to your new Resource site, you’ve come to the right place! Allow us to introduce you to everything that is current and new, and where to find what. On your Home page you can find all the Main features of the page and you can navigate back to the Home Page at any given time by pressing the Norwex Logo

What’s On

This section is new. What’s On consists of everything you need to operate your business. It is broken down into three sections and is available via the main Header Tabs as:

  • Marketing Assets – This Tab will always have This Month’s and Consultant Assets
  • Other Resources – Here you can find anything else that will enable you to run your business such as Business Tools, Canva Templates

Product Info

Product Information – All products and product specific information can be found here.

  • All Product Information Sheets and Safety Data Sheets are uploaded
  • Product science: Coming Soon
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