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Welcome to the periodical publication of your latest Norwex News. Stay in the loop on all things Norwex. We’ll be sharing exciting announcements from Home Office, training and event dates, product updates, and much more! 

Reminder that our Engaging Offer is finishing at midday 15th November 2023 AEST!  

Time to get your orders in if you haven’t already so you can achieve this one before it’s gone! Submit a minimum of $250 Subtotal A sales to receive a set of 3 Limited-Edition Kitchen Multipurpose Scrub Sponges (green, navy, pomegranate). 

Valued at RRP AU $38.00 | NZ $42.00

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Spotlight: Consultant Recognition

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot.” – Tanzanian proverb 

All Consultant efforts sure are adding up little by little as the year ticks by and the hard work and dedication is reflected in their results. Congratulations to our October top achievers! Thank you for your continued focus, time, and effort in improving the quality of life for people by reducing chemicals one home at a time.


Bec McLeayBelinda SimônSandra Russell 

Thank you to all our Team Building Leaders and Consultants 

  • Taneall Oakford,
  • Antoinette du Plessis,
  • Julie Gibson, 
  • Brenda Tatere,
  • Kate Lamont,
  • Zelia Malherbe, 
  • Leanne Andrews, 
  • Linda Pearce,
  • Marie Care, 
  • Heather Callahan,
  • Cathy Lee,
  • Stacey McMillan, 
  • Manal Touma, 
  • Amy Hale, 
  • Rosemary Russell, 
  • Nicki Corkill, 
  • Kirsty Sutton,
  • Jodie Nash, 
  • Caroline Hammond, 
  • Vivian Xiong,
  • Thoria Yagoub,
  • Angela Transom,
  • Rebecca Allpass,
  • Debra Rice 


  1. Nisveta Cavcic AU $18,214.03
  2. Belinda Simôn NZ $9.880.71
  3. Maryam Mounajed AU $9,250.21
  4. Lorraine Gould AU $6,864.66
  5. Bec McLeay AU $6,862.83
  6. Katrina Cataldo AU $6,141.29
  7. Sandra Russell AU $5,838.88
  8. Stephanie Gilchrist NZ $5,513.15
  9. Robyn Skilton AU $5,263.61
  10. Carolyn and Glenn Miller NZ $5,199.24 


  1. Nisveta Cavcic VIC $18,214.03
  2. Maryam Mounajed NSW $9,250.21
  3. Lorraine Gould NSW $6,864.66
  4. Bec McLeay QLD $6,862.83
  5. Katrina Cataldo QLD $6,141.29
  6. Sandra Russell QLD $5,838.88
  7. Robyn Skilton QLD $5,263.61
  8. Penny Clapham QLD $5,091.90
  9. Zelia Malherbe QLD $4,871.02
  10. Amira Korkmaz NSW $4,592.74 


  1. Belinda Simôn CHC $9.880.71
  2. Stephanie Gilchrist MAN $5,513.15
  3. Carolyn and Glenn Miller KAI $5,199.24
  4. Gemma Linton POR $5,006.63
  5. Caroline Hammond RAN $4,816.54
  6. Veronika Llewellyn CHC $4,635.54
  7. Gillane Silby NPY $4,528.04
  8. Marie Care MAT $4,435.60
  9. Kirsty Sutton DUN $4,405.72
  10. Leanne Stenhouse DUN $4,175.48 

Our early bird rate for the 2024 Leadership Conference Australia & New Zealand will end at midday 1st December 2023. Be sure to book your ticket to attend the 2024 Norwex Australia & New Zealand Leadership Conference at Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort, Twin Waters on February 16th – 17th. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!Click to Register

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2024 Annual Conference Australia & New Zealand 

Join us at the beautiful Sea World Conference Resort for our 2024 Australia & New Zealand Annual Conference from the 22nd-24th August 2024. 

Registration open via your NCO>Resources>Events>Annual Conference 2024 – Register or click below

Click to Register

Cash for Conference -LC24 Leadership Conference 

Grow your business between 28th August and 1st January 2024 AEST and you can earn up to $700 cash to use towards airfares, accommodation and registration.  

Click “Learn more” below to see how you can achieve your cash rewards

Learn More

Emerging Leaders Summit

Bringing our Team Coordinators together to connect, learn and inspire.

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Go for the Goal – Thailand

Australia and New Zealand

Australia New ZealandAs the largest island in Thailand, known as the “Land of a Thousand Smiles”, Phuket is a great escape for anyone looking for a world-class tropical island experience. We invite you embark on this exciting journey!

Click here to learn more!

Download Flyer Go for the Goal Joomag

Join us at Annual Conference 2024 to celebrate well-deserved recognition

Take a moment to explore the specific criteria set for the awards you are aiming to achieve. You’ll find a comprehensive list detailing the requirements, qualifications, and expectations necessary to qualify for these prestigious honours. For a better understanding and additional information, be sure to check out the attached flyer linked below.  

  • Top 10 in Personal Sales Australia
  • Top 10 in Personal Sales New Zealand
  • Top 3 Team Builders Australia
  • Top 3 Team Builders New Zealand
  • Top 3 Group Leaders AU/NZ
  • Top 3 Leadership Development AU/NZ
  • Rookie of the Year AU/NZ
  • Spirit of Generosity AU/NZ
  • Spirit of Mission AU/NZ
  • Consistent Leadership AU/NZ
  • $100,000 Club AU/NZ

*Consultants must attend Annual Conference 2024 in person to receive their recognition and rewards. 

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Upcoming Events

Join us at the following Zoom sessions and be a part of a Community that loves learning, engaging, sharing and growing.  

Insight into Leadership – Emerging Leaders

  • Monday, 13 November at 19:00 AEST 

Team Building Workshops

  • Wednesday, 22 November at 17:00 AEST
  • Wednesday, 22 November at 19:00 AEST 

Norwex Consultant Connection Call

  • Thursday, 30 November at 18:30 AEST
Joi the Zoom Sessions

Compliance Corner

Can I do Live Videos, Reels and Stories on Social Media and use Instagram Stories? Yes! Consultants can and are encouraged to do live videos and reels and do not require compliance approval provided the following six steps are taken:

1.     Use official Norwex trademarks and product images when possible.
2.     Introduce yourself by name and identify yourself as a Norwex Independent Consultant (verbal or in text).
3.     When sharing the Norwex business opportunity, include sales requirements needed to earn any of our joining kits for free.
4.     Do not include any income or health claims.
5.     Only use product claims in current Norwex Marketing materials. (Do not mention germs, sanitising, disinfecting, viruses, COVID-19, flu, etc.)
6.     Do not mention competitors by name or show their product labels.

Using “Norwex” in email addresses, Party names, VIP Groups or Business pages on Social Media is not permitted. Compliant Public Posts

1.             Before and after pictures (excluding health claims).
2.             Norwex Corporate Specials … Host, Customer, Flash Sales.
3.             Consultant Business Opportunity.
4.             Link to your Norwexbiz website. 

Be sure to get your orders in on time! 

Please note that we are officially in peak season and this may result in increased order volumes and longer processing times and delayed postal or courier delivery services. By placing your orders early, you not only secure your desired items but also contribute to a more efficient and stress-free fulfillment process for everyone.  Below are the dates that your order needs to be submitted by to ensure delivery before Christmas*:

  • Northern Territory – Friday 8 December 2023
  • Tasmania and Western Australia – Tuesday 12 December 2023
  • QLD Country – Wednesday 13 December 2023
  • South Australia – Friday 15 December 2023
  • NSW/QLD and VIC – 18 December 2023
  • New Zealand – 18 December 2023
  • NSW & ACT, VIC, QLD Metro – 19 December 2023 

*Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse any shipping delays that may occur are out of our control. 

Stock Updates

Out of Stock The following products are out of stock:  

706028 Diamond Textured Kitchen Towel, cranberry
707028 Diamond Textured Kitchen Cloth, cranberry
600126 Fresh Produce Wash
1127 Ultra Power Plus™ Laundry Detergent 250G
354003 Forever Bottle with Sprayer, sea mist
705055 Window Cloth, tile geo
309059 Ultra-Plush Headband, graphite705034 Window Cloth, leaves pattern 

706028 Diamond Textured Kitchen Towel, cranberry
707028 Diamond Textured Kitchen Cloth, cranberry
E36012 Lip Shimmers
1127 Ultra Power Plus™ Laundry Detergent 250G
357021 Fluff & Tumble Dryer Balls, 3 pack
403826 Lysere Nourishing Shampoo
705034 Window Cloth, leaves pattern 

Back in Stock The following products are back in stock: 

309400 Pillowcases, cloud
309404 Pillowcases set of two, grey
403842 Hydrating Moisturizer
403838 Renewing Eye Cream 
403846 Foaming Hand Wash Powder Citrus
370002 Cutting Board, large 

309301 Pet Towel, graphite
403842 Hydrating Moisturizer403838 Renewing Eye Cream

Norwex Customer Shopping App

It was previously communicated that the Norwex Customer Shopping App will be decommissioned as of end October 2023, however this date has now been extended to 17 November 2023, after which it will become unsupported. 

In 2024 we will be working on an even better, and more intuitive app that we know you will love ❤️

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and eco-friendly festive season! We look forward to sharing the Norwex festivities with you. Cheers to your happy and healthy holidays! Till next time.

Your Norwex     

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