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This month we showcase some of our Executive Sales Leaders and Senior Executive Sales Leaders with their tops tips to build momentum in your business.  

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Here’s to unlocking the full potential of Norwex and building a future that reflects our shared commitment to live cleaner, safer, better. 

What are your top three tips to secure new event bookings 

  1. Contact past Hosts from 6 months plus ago and offer them to re-host. They can check out all the new products since their last event, or choose a theme e.g. bathroom/kitchen.
  2. Reach out to people personally (not a public Facebook post) and share your goal for the week/month and invite them to get some friends together to learn how to create a healthier home. Share your passion around why it is important to think about the products we use in our homes and apply to our bodies.
  3. Contact past Hosts/Customers who have not seen the new personal care range and offer them a personal care party or pamper party with friends. You could offer an incentive for them to host (anything you might have received for free or order something when you submit their party). Ideas could be Pillowcases, a Body and Face Cloth, a Dual-Sided Makeup Remover, Chenille Hand Towel, or even the Hair Wrap/Mask January special.

What are your top three tips to secure new event bookings 

  1. Reach out to those that hosted previously and see if they need a DEEP CLEAN BUCKET PARTY. Everyone from last year, brings their microfibre to be deep cleaned. Showcase any new products released in the past 12 months.
  2. Send out a messenger message asking 10 people if they would like to host a NEW Year Sale Event through messenger with you. Share a few of the discounted packages (Healthy Bathroom, Towel Sets, Cleaning Paste with Utility Brush…you choose).
  3. Organise a NEW Year event at your place.

How do you recommend Consultants nurture leads and turn event attendees into future hosts or customers? 

It’s all about building relationships, the more conversations you can have, the better. Ask questions and show an interest in each individual guest.

Perhaps offer incentives to book a party.

How do you recommend Consultants nurture leads and turn event attendees into future hosts or customers? 

I encourage Consultants to enhance Customer follow-ups by sharing valuable tips and tricks post-December purchases. Emphasise the importance of providing product knowledge and suggest incorporating a referral strategy – offer incentives for Customers who share Norwex products with three or more friends, fostering both Customer loyalty and expanding the Consultant’s network.

What are your top tips for Consultants to attract new team members and building momentum in team building? 

Highlight the benefits of being able to earn money and share Norwex whilst working around your children’s schedules or other work commitments.

How to create momentum in your business 

Think about the holidays and how you can make a party/event centralised around Norwex products to take with you when you’re travelling. I would suggest hosting your own online party. Pre-record short 2-minute videos of demonstrations of the different ways you can use the products and the benefits of taking them when you’re travelling/camping/caravanning. Have “express style parties – where they may have posts leading up to it, but a live demo of no more than 30 minutes.