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We’ve interviewed 16 of our Leaders and they have shared their 16 reasons to Join Norwex!

1. Purposeful Products

Sandy Bill

Norwex offers first class products that work and help us  to live cleaner, safer and better both in  cleaning and personal care products.

2. Healthier Homes

Kirsty Sutton

By using Norwex products, you can create safer and healthier living spaces for your family and others.

3. Flexible Hours

Belinda Simôn

As a Norwex Consultant, you can set your own schedule, allowing for a better work-life balance.

4. Financial Opportunity

Leanne Andrews

Norwex provides a chance to earn income through product sales and team building.

5. Conscious Cleaning

Zita Seymore

I just want to clean without any struggles or hassles and without being exposed to harmful chemicals.

6. Personal Development

Bec McLeay

No one believes me when I tell them that I was petrified of public speaking! I would shake and sweat and feel literally sick. But through others believing in me and stepping me through my early days, I have gradually grown in confidence and self belief, that I never thought was possible. I can now present to a room of over 300 people (still shocks me). Now I get to be that support to others as they start their Norwex journey. I get to watch others become strong independent individuals, which not only shines through their Norwex business, but also their every day lives.

7. Community

Marie Care

Become part of a supportive community of Consultants who share your passion for sustainability and healthy living.

8. Discounts and Incentives

Gemma Linton

I became a Norwex Consultant to benefit from discounts on products for my home. It’s great to shop conveniently through my own store and save money in the process. I love working towards a goal and having monthly and yearly incentives really help me stay motivated.

9. Low Start-Up Costs

Rhian Borowicz 

When I discovered that the incrediblely generous Norwex Host Rewards program with all of the free gifts was provided by this company along with most of the catalogues that we could earn for free, I thought what an awesome company. I could go out, share products I love with no huge upfront outlay. The generosity of Norwex had always astounded me!

10. Impactful Mission

Bec Allpass

I joined because Norwex’s Mission resonated with me – to improve lives by reducing chemicals in our homes. I love being able to share Norwex with others to improve their quality of life and make and impact on the lives of others.

11. Networking Opportunities

Penny Clapham

Connect with like-minded individuals and expand your professional network.

12. Recognition and Rewards

Sandra Russell

Join Norwex for the incredible yearly Go For The Goal trips. Super achievable just for sharing what you love. Hawaii, Maldives, South Africa what’s on your bucket list?  Oh wait let’s not also not forget the monthly Consultant Rewards and recognition of your achievements, with amazing goodies and free products

13. Innovative Products

Debra Rice

Norwex is known for its innovative and high-quality products that are effective and sustainable.

14. Travel Opportunities

Linda Pearce

Norwex offers travel incentives for top achievers, allowing you to relax, have fun, and explore new places.

15. Be Your Own Boss

Zelia Malherbe

As a Norwex Consultant, you choose when you work and how often your work. You have the opportunity to take ownership of your business, allowing you to make decisions that reflect your individual goals and dreams.

16. Make a Difference

Robyn Skilton

By taking a leap into the Norwex life, we have an opportunity to use reusable products which reduce waste and rubbish that would normally go into landfill. It also enables me to share products in homes which play a positive role in people’s health, while also saving them time and money. Perfect for every home.